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Below, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Who are the people behind Dubble?

We are Rodo, a small creative software studio from the oldest city of the Netherlands (Nijmegen). We are young engineers with a background in Artificial Intelligence and a great love for simplicity, elegance and awesomeness in general.

We built Dubble as a small side project a few years ago, when we were still programming for our corporate clients. But the game has taken off tremendously, up to the point where it allowed us to stop working for clients and start doing only what we love: developing our own products and services directly for end users. So all Dubble players; thanks a bunch for enabling us to do what we love!

If you want to know more about us or our projects, take a look on our company website.

Will you release Dubble for Android?

Never say never, but we don’t think this will happen so don’t get your hopes up. We are but a small software studio, and we have decided to invest our time and effort into making new games rather than porting existing ones to other platforms.