Dubble: now supporting scientific research

A subject in the experiment is playing Dubble and supporting scientific research at the same time

A subject in the experiment is playing a custom version of Dubble in the lab.

In collaboration with the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel Aviv University, a customized version of Dubble has been developed for research purposes only. The researchers are currently testing whether playing this version reduces threat-related cognitive biases and alleviates anxiety.

The custom research version is available only for participants enrolled in the study. We developed the custom research version of Dubble for free because we believe it’s important to gain knowledge through research. We think of it as our way of giving a little bit back to the world. We set it up so that we are not involved with the research and that the researchers are not involved with our company. The Dubble™ game and trademark are the exclusive property of Rodo. The researchers at Tel Aviv University who use the custom research version are completely independent and have no stake or interest in our business success in any way.

If the results of the preliminary study are positive and confirmed by additional independent studies, bubble games (and possibly other games as well), may someday become a part of treatments for problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder or chronic anxiety.